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Week 2, Day 5: Mysteries

By Neuromatch Academy

Content creators: Megan Peters, Joseph LeDoux, Matthias Michel, Daniel Dennett

Install and import feedback gadget#

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# @title Install and import feedback gadget

!pip install vibecheck datatops --quiet

from vibecheck import DatatopsContentReviewContainer
def content_review(notebook_section: str):
    return DatatopsContentReviewContainer(
        "",  # No text prompt
            "url": "",
            "name": "neuromatch_neuroai",
            "user_key": "wb2cxze8",

feedback_prefix = "W2D5_Intro"


For this day, the prerequisites are your sincere inner-child curiosity, flexibility in collaborative discussion, and willingness to discover intriguing ideas! Be prepared to actively participate in the activities as the quality of the insights you will get from this day crucially depends on the joint interaction.


Intro Video#

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