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Bonus Material: Dynamical similarity analysis (DSA)#

Week 1, Day 3: Comparing Artificial And Biological Networks

By Neuromatch Academy

Content creators: Mitchell Ostrow

Content reviewers: Xaq Pitkow, Hlib Solodzhuk

Production editors: Konstantine Tsafatinos, Ella Batty, Spiros Chavlis, Samuele Bolotta, Hlib Solodzhuk, Patrick Mineault

This short notebook expands the toolset of network comparison by taking a look at another important dimension for analysis - time. In particular, it would be beneficial to understand how the systems evolve over time and whether their dynamics are similar. The presented materials are the most similar to the ones introduced in Tutorial 2 for this day, and one of the projects on Comparing Networks is exactly about DSA.

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# @title Install and import feedback gadget

!pip install vibecheck --quiet

from vibecheck import DatatopsContentReviewContainer
def content_review(notebook_section: str):
    return DatatopsContentReviewContainer(
        "",  # No text prompt
            "url": "",
            "name": "neuromatch_neuroai",
            "user_key": "wb2cxze8",

feedback_prefix = "W1D3_Bonus"

Bonus material slides#

Video 1: Dynamical Similarity Analysis#

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