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Install and import feedback gadget#

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# @title Install and import feedback gadget

!pip install vibecheck datatops --quiet

from vibecheck import DatatopsContentReviewContainer
def content_review(notebook_section: str):
    return DatatopsContentReviewContainer(
        "",  # No text prompt
            "url": "",
            "name": "neuromatch_neuroai",
            "user_key": "wb2cxze8",

feedback_prefix = "W1D3_Intro"


Though it is not required, you will benefit from these tutorials more if you have had the opportunity to take linear algebra and multivariate statistics courses in the past, as most of the computations and expressed ideas use the tools from these disciplines.

Note that the intro video for this day is longer than usual; it is the only day that has this property - feel free to return to it later if you don’t have enough time before taking the tutorials.


Intro Video#

Submit your feedback#

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# @title Submit your feedback